Case Study: Conjoint Analysis

Case study: Conjoint analysis


A private school wanted to expand its current services by building a new location.


In order to understand the needs and wants of families with children 3-15 years of age living near the potential location, a market assessment study was conducted.  The assessment was done in two phases.  The first general public telephone survey phase gathered information about families with school aged children who were considering a private education.  The second phase incorporated an online conjoint study with parents of children who would consider sending their child to the proposed school.


The results from this market assessment determined that the support for a private school at the proposed location was likely not strong enough to warrant development.  However, the conjoint study provided valuable insight into what parents look for in a private school and how the addition or removal of potential features influenced tuition levels.  The results of the conjoint were also used to do some basic potential customer segmentation.

From the results, the client was able to determine that the interest in the desired location was too low to warrant building a school.  However, they chose to continue working with Hardwick Research, repeating the research to assess another potential location.