Case Study: Customer Research

Case study: Customer research


A newly formed Internet company had already conducted an online survey with its customers before approaching Hardwick Research. With the exception of this online survey, the company had never conducted any customer research. Using the survey results, Hardwick Research assisted the company in identifying specific characteristics of customers and the grouping of customers into categories based on their usage level of the web site.


Focus groups were then conducted which provided additional in-depth information about customers’ perceptions of the company’s brand, their experiences using the web site, their usage of competitor’s sites and their interest in purchasing products from the company’s online store. During the focus groups, a “psychodrawing” exercise was conducted to help determine how customers felt about the company.


Armed with a better understanding of who their customers are, as well as their perceptions and preferences, our client implemented changes to their web site and marketing strategies to enable them to be more responsive to customer needs.