Case Study: Product Assessment Surveys

Case study: Product assessment surveys


A not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing products for children’s social and emotional education was revising a flagship program.


In order to contact administrators serving children (grades 6-8) a paper survey was developed and mailed to educators.  Educators were given two options for completing the survey.  They could fill out the paper survey included in the mailing and use the enclosed prepaid envelope to return the survey, or complete the survey online.  Educators who completed the survey were given a $5 gift certificate to an online book retailer as an incentive.


This research provided the organization useful feedback regarding the updated program concept.  We were able to determine the potential customers’ expectations for the program, must-have components, as well as any concerns and barriers to purchase.  Additionally, the results were used to establish the type of educator/school most likely to purchase the product.