Intercept Interview Research Marketing Survey

Intercept Interviews

Intercept research is a commonly used mode of marketing data collection. Intercept research, also known as Store Intercepts or Street Intercepts, is designed to conduct surveys with consumers on site, while they are interacting with the client’s business. Trained interviewers are positioned in or near to the business that is sponsoring the research. Then, the interviewers select patrons entering or exiting the business to administer a short screener to see if the participant qualifies for the survey. If they qualify, the survey is conducted.

Mall intercepts are another way to gather feedback from consumers. However they are not always being conducted for a specific business in the mall, rather they provide an opportunity to survey consumers on a variety of topics.

In this type of study, any quotas are met quickly because many people approached by the interviewer will qualify for the survey. A drawback to Intercepts is that property owners and management companies often must approve having a study conducted on site. This approval process can add to the completion timeline for a study, and the request is often denied.