Online Survey Services by Hardwick Research

Online surveys

An Internet based survey or online survey is an easy, cost effective way of conducting a market research study. An important benefit of this type of research is that participants are able to complete the survey online at a time that is convenient to them. Additionally, respondents can generally spend as much time as they like to complete the online survey.

There are several options for how to target your respondent group. One way to invite people to complete an online survey is to set up a link to the survey on your organization’s Web site. This link allows anyone who visits your site to complete the questionnaire, and you can opt to have them return to your website afterward.

Another option is to target your customers directly, using your internal database of customer email addresses, then send out invitations to complete the survey.

An additional way to obtain participants for your online survey is to use an online research panel. In this situation, a panel company draws qualifying participants from people who have opted in. Your research consultant should have access to panels such as these.