The differences between qualitative and quantitative research

What is qualitative research?

Qualitative market research provides for in-depth exploration into people’s feelings and beliefs. It is a process used to look specifically at the nature or structure of attitudes and motivations rather than the frequency. Essentially, qualitative research is used to determine why people feel the way they do about certain issues and how those feelings influence their behavior. Focus groups, in-depth interviews and usability testing fall into this category.

Focus Groups
Synchronous Online Focus Groups
Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards
In-Depth Interviews
Usability Testing

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative market research is used to determine and predict attitudes, opinions and behaviors of a particular group based on scientific sampling. Essentially, it allows for totaling the group’s responses to arrive at statistically projectable data. Telephone surveys, mail surveys, online surveys and sometimes in-person interviews fall into this category.

Telephone Surveys
Online Surveys
Mail Surveys
Intercept Interviews