Market Research Books

Our list of helpful market research books

The following list of books was compiled from our office bookshelf as well as from our staff’s reading “wish list.”

The Observational Research Handbook
by Bill Abrams

The Survey Research Handbook – Guidelines and Strategies for Conducting a Survey, Second Edition
by Pamela Alreck and Robert B. Settle

Moderating to the Max
by Jean Bystedt, Siri Lynn and Deborah Potts

Mail and Telephone Surveys – The Total Design Method
by Don A. Dillman

A Practical Guilde to Usability Testing
by Joseph S. Dumas and Janice C. Redish

Beyond Listening – Learning the Secret Language of Focus Groups
by Bonnie Goebert with Herma M. Rosenthal

The Group Depth Interview – Principles and Practice
by Alfred E. Goldman and Susan Schwartz McDonald

The Handbook for Focus Group Research
by Thomas L. Greenbaum

The Mirrored Window – Focus Groups from a Moderator’s Point of View
by Judith Langer

Social Marketing – Influencing Behaviors for Good
by Nancy R. Lee and Philip Kotler

Qualitative Market Research – A Comprehensive Guide
by Hy Mariampolski

The Focused Interview, Second Edition
by Robert K. Merton, Marjorie Fiske and Patricia L. Kendell

Practical Marketing Research – New Updated
by Jeffrey L. Pope

Handbook of Usability Testing
by Jeffrey Rubin

The Focus Group – Revised Edition
by Jane Farley Templeton

Market Segmentation: Using Demographics, Psychographics, and Other Segmentation Techniques to Uncover and Exploit New Markets
by Art Weinstein